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Fashionable Simple Shaped Lid And Base Box

Lid And Base Box, beautiful and affordable, is a biggest advantage over other box types.

Because the Lid And Base Gift Box has the characteristics of simple structure and heavy pattern, it is easy to form standardization in actual production. 

The biggest advantage of standardization is the ability to replace labor with semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment, and the cost of human resources is increasing. Today, the efficiency and cost of mechanization cannot be compared by manpower.

As for the aesthetics, mainly in design and crafts, as long as we control the beauty of the design of the gift box, the impact of the box on the aesthetics is not so great, and the gift box is cheap.

The Lid And Base Box has a full range of overall visual impact from the way of opening, which is very suitable for gift giving.

The Lid And Base Box can create a full range of visual impact from the opening method, which can deepen the consumer's awareness and expectation of the product.

In marketing, the sales of marketing consultants are more convenient, which can effectively improve the timeliness of sales and promote the purchase of consumers. Therefore, many high-end gift boxes use the packaging method of Lid And Base Box gift boxes