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Beautiful Packaging Is Inseparable From Printing

Exquisite packaging is also inseparable from packaging and printing. Packaging and printing is an important means and means to improve the added value of goods, enhance the competitiveness of products and open up the market.  

Designers should be aware of the necessary packaging and printing process knowledge to make the designed packaging work more functional and aesthetic.

Before the packaging is formed, it takes a series of orderly printing jobs:
In order to improve the printing quality and production efficiency, before printing, you should pay attention to check the design draft for unnecessary content; whether the text and lines are complete; check the set line, color standard and various printing and cutting lines are complete. Only in this way can we improve production efficiency and ensure the smooth completion of printing.

1.There are many ways to print and package paper. The method is different, the operation is different, and the printed effect is different. The traditional printing methods are mainly divided into the following four categories:
The letterpress printing means that the image on the printing plate is higher than the non-image portion, the ink on the ink roller can only be transferred to the graphic portion of the printing plate, and the non-image portion has no ink, thereby completing the printing of the printed matter.
Where the back of the printed paper has slight marks, the edges of the lines or dots are neat, and the ink is light in the center, it is a relief print.

2.The printing of gravure printing has the advantages of thick ink layer and bright color, and the printing plate has the advantages of high printing durability, stable printing quality and fast printing speed, so it has been widely used in practice.

3.The graphic part and the non-image part of the printing plate are kept level, and the graphic part is covered with a grease film, while the non-image part absorbs the appropriate moisture. When the ink is applied, the image portion repels moisture and absorbs the ink, and the non-image portion forms an anti-ink effect by absorbing moisture.
The printed matter has the characteristics that the center of the line or the dot is dark, the edges are not neat, the tone reproduction is poor, and the vividness is lacking.

4.Screen printing means that the ink leaks from the mesh of the graphic part to the substrate under the action of the squeegee pressing, and the screen mesh of the non-image part is blocked, and the ink cannot leak to the substrate, thereby Finish printing of the printed matter.
The printing quality is rich, the stereoscopic effect is strong, and this printing method does not have much requirement for the substrate material, so it is widely used in various packaging materials.